Intelligent lockers and metal furniture manufacturers

Setroc is a company that manufactures all types of Smart Lockers and lockers for locker rooms, schools, institutes, sports centers and lockers specially designed for specific sectors such as laundries, ski lockers, supermarkets, offices, etc.

As a locker manufacturer, we are oriented towards professional customers, to whom we try to completely adapt the design and manufacture of special lockers for their business, manufacturing according to their needs.

We are characterized by the great dynamism of our factory, in which we strive to shorten delivery times to the maximum, both in orders of our most common products (of which we have a large stock), as well as special orders designed and manufactured to measure.

All this translates into high quality lockers, excellent service and very competitive prices.

Punching and cutting

We take care of the whole manufacturing process of the lockers and metal furniture, from the cutting and punching of the sheet metal.

Through this punching and cutting process we prepare all the sheets that will form the parts of the lockers.

Once all these pieces have been cut and punched, we move on to the next phase of folding them.


In the bending machine we shape all the necessary folds in the sheet, these folds are made with millimetric precision so that all the pieces are exactly the same.

This process is key and since we are manufacturers of quality lockers, we make sure that everything fits perfectly.


The assembly of the pieces can be done in three different finishes:

  • Spot welding: with this joining system we obtain a very solid and resistant locker.
  • Union by aluminum rivets: this system also gives the locker great strength and solidity and makes the product cheaper.
  • Disassembled: it is delivered in a cardboard box with all the parts, instructions with drawings, screws and wrenches necessary for its correct installation.


The welded assembly or any of the parts of the lockers or furniture that we manufacture goes through the process of protection and painting where we apply epoxy polyester paint, the desired color, which then goes through the oven for drying at 200º.



Once the locker is ready, it goes to the packing machine where it is carefully protected so that it arrives in perfect condition to our customers.

Although this type of furniture or lockers are products of great robustness and solidity, due to their size they can be damaged during transportation, which is why this process of order preparation, as manufacturers of high quality lockers, is for us, another important process that influences our final product.

In any case, if any of our products arrives to our customers damaged by transport, we will replace it with one in perfect condition as soon as possible.

After all these steps, we only have to make the delivery and hope that the delivered product in which we have put all our efforts to be of the highest quality, is to the total satisfaction of our customers and meet their needs.


Design, manufacture of lockers, smart lockers and metal furniture with the characteristics demanded by our customers.


To be a reference in the design of intelligent lockers and metal furniture, that the name SETROC is synonymous with quality and guarantee.


SETROC is a company oriented towards the professional management of its operations, with a close and professional treatment to our customers and distributors.

To demonstrate an ongoing commitment to achieving the highest quality in all our metal lockers and furniture, as well as the utilization of the latest digital technology applications, to meet the needs and expectations of our customers and stakeholders, and to provide them with technologically viable and innovative options.

This is SETROC’s primary objective, and to that end, we promote the involvement of all personnel in the achievement of this goal, providing the necessary necessary resources, human and technical, having as its operating philosophy the Continuous Improvement, pursuing the effectiveness of the established Management System, aiming to prevent pollution and occupational accidents from their origin.

As a result of this way of working, we have established a vision for the future of our company, consistent with our interests, those of our employees and those of society, which is reflected in strict compliance with the legal requirements that apply to us, including environmental requirements, aware of the impact we generate.

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